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Is your hotel in need of an increase in revenue from B2B business? We’re guessing yes.

Especially if your hotel’s revenue mostly comes from B2B, this isn’t true of all hotels, but it’s safe to say that B2B revenue typically makes up a large chunk of the revenue pie.

The question remains – how? Of course all hotels desire more B2B revenue, but how do they get it? Through a variety of methods, including, but not limited to, the following.

Here, we’ll take a look at why B2B affiliate marketing matters and how you can use it to benefit your business.

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What’s so special about B2B affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has long been a popular choice, thanks to its range of advantages. For a start, it offers simple and straightforward marketing solutions. But this isn’t just a matter of churning out low-value content for its own sake. As many businesses have had to learn the hard way, spammy content is actively counter-productive. We’ve already noted that consumers are an intelligent bunch who aren’t easily hoodwinked. Spamming them with low-value content is, if anything, likely to do damage to your brand and make you appear disreputable. This is most definitely to be avoided.

Affiliate marketing is, on the face of it, pretty straightforward: businesses offer would-be affiliates financial incentives in exchange for leads (either a commission on referred sales or a straightforward payment per head). As well as generating new leads and driving revenue, affiliate marketing also makes it simple to monitor ROI; a crucial metric for any business. Starting an affiliate marketing blog has never been easier, this step-by-step guide from workfromhomereviews.net covers it all in great detail. If you’re still on the fences, what are you waiting for? Blogging cum affiliate marketing is easily one of the most lucrative online business models in the 21st century.

But it’s not just an issue of signing up loads of affiliates, higgledy-piggledy, on generous terms and hoping for the best. A scattershot approach like this is likely to prove completely ineffective. If you’re going to make B2B affiliate marketing work for your business, then, you need to deploy it in a more strategic way.

There are all sorts of ecommerce digital marketing tricks you can use to bring in more revenue, but B2B affiliate marketing cuts out much of the hassle – and the associated costs. The primary benefit of affiliate marketing is that you only pay when a lead is generated. This at least saves you from splurging money in every direction, in the hope that’ll bring in more clients and customers. But you do actually need to bring those clients in; even if you’re only paying per conversion. B2B affiliate marketing won’t do you many favors if it’s not generating the leads you need.

B2B Business Tips for Hotels

Be a Resource For Planners

What do planners wish venues would do more than anything else? Be helpful. Let planners know and feel that your event team will be there helping, answering questions and meeting with them every step of the way. It’s surprising how many planners do not feel supported by venues, and therefore do not become return customers or recommend said venue to others. The best way to attract B2B clients and retain for the future is to simply be helpful and supportive.

Let Them In On The Local Attractions

Event planners want to know what there is to do in and around the hotel. Especially if the event is far away from the participants home town, the planners will wish to be armed with useful lists of where to sightsee, eat, shop, exercise and more. You have the insider knowledge so it’s your job to display it on the hotels website in an engaging and easily readable format. You’ll get bonus points for really including insider knowledge – where are the cool spots that tourists don’t usually know about? What are the best methods to get everywhere? Are there fun local events happening soon? This is an opportunity to showcase your immense knowledge, and if you do an excellent job, the benefits will be reaped.

Word of Mouth is Stronger Than Anything Else

Has your hotel received stellar reviews from past event clients? Use them! Event planners are much more likely to believe other event planners instead of your sales team. Showcase your praises and past events beautifully on the hotel website. Provide clear, high resolution photos with big, bold testimonials. You can show off the logos of the companies who’ve held events at your venue, if the company allows. The point is – don’t be too humble to sing your praises because your praises will help attract more business.

Offer Unique Amenities

When planners are searching for venues online, they’re likely to encounter an overwhelming amount of the same information. How can your hotel stand out? Offer amenities that other hotels don’t. We’re not talking about a complete, or expensive, renovation here, there are plenty of smaller details that might just seal the deal. Some obvious ones include having exceptional wifi and bandwidth, but even that is becoming outdated – everyone has this now. Having 24/7 tech support is an excellent amenity, especially for business event clients. Well-maintained restrooms is huge – when planners are scoping out venues, a major turn off is an outdated and unkempt restroom.

Let planners know how many items you provide – tables, chairs, podiums, signage, etc. Offer onsite coordination so the event planner has a go-to person for all of their on-site needs. Have plenty of charging stations for everyone’s devices.

Take note of past reviews – did any of the planners, or participants/guests, have comments on amenities they would have liked to have? Read those, take them to heart, and add the amenities when applicable.

Be Simple

Last, but not least, just make it easy for them. Make the RFP process easy. Don’t require  dozens of pages to be filled out. Get the ball rolling with simple, easy-to-answer questions. Trust us, the simpler the process, the more business your hotel will receive. Event planners are limited on time and deal with tons of paperwork, don’t add to their burden, find a way to relieve it. Do that, and your business will flourish.

There’s so much to think about when you come to set up a business, it can seem a little overwhelming. From finding the right contact center software to choosing a VoIP phone system for small business, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit confused and overburdened by it all. But the rewards – both financial and in terms of personal satisfaction – of running your own company can be huge. What’s more, taking the competition on in their own backyard is a big part of the thrill of setting up for yourself.

It goes without saying, however, that startup resources are usually stretched at best. So, if you aren’t flush with cash and you don’t have some wealthy investor from the Trading Plattform Vergleich company bankrolling your efforts, you’ll need to find new and inventive ways of stealing a march on your rivals. Certainly, the online space could make the difference between your success and failure. Ecommerce website builders will tell you that having a well-designed, reliable, and user-friendly site is crucial to reaching a huge base of potential clients and customers. Likewise, an engaging and regularly-updated presence on social media can have a significant impact.

Get your B2B affiliate marketing strategy right and you can target segments of your desired audience, thereby drawing in new customers, as well as building a lasting sense of client loyalty. This is the foundation of sustainable success in the world of business, use an affiliate marketing agency to win online.

Then, there’s the question of how you’re going to provide excellent customer support. Consumers are very savvy and, with the rise of the internet, they have a huge variety of options to choose from. SMS customer support can help you reach your customers and clients more easily, tending to their needs and requirements as and when necessary. These are the basics of setting up a business and establishing a solid customer or client base. But given the sheer level of competitiveness in whichever industry you care to name, how else can you go about drumming up publicity and boosting your profile?

B2B affiliate programs enable you to expand your business and build brand awareness. For B2C firms, it’s relatively easy to use a simple pay-for-performance approach, but if you’re in the B2B space things are likely to be a little more complicated. Nevertheless, B2B affiliate marketing is proven to deliver real results. You just need to know how to make the most effective use of it.



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